We can supply you with top quality, sustainably grown elderberry!

Find out what makes our cuttings special

Interested in adding elderberry to your property? We have the top varieties you need to thrive!

The number 1 way elderberries are propagated is by cuttings. Stick them in the ground, keep them moist, and watch them grow! We sell cuttings typically from late winter through spring.

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You can also plant one- or two-year rooted cuttings (as plants) but we have found that directly planted cuttings will typically take just as fast. We do custom grow rooted cuttings, contact us here


What makes our cuttings different?

We work hard to supply cuttings that root quickly and grow vigorously.

Organically Grown in Ohio

While not certified (in process), we only use organic practices and can sign an affidavit for your certifier.

Best Quality Cuttings

We heavily grade to make sure you get the best quality cuttings. All cuttings have at least two sets of nodes and range from approx. 3/8ths to 5/8ths size range.

Pre-treated for Mites

We make sure that the cuttings you get are disease and insect free, plus we're a certified nursery!

Thrive Guarantee

We guarantee a 95% survival rate when following our instructions.

Growing Support

We supply full instructions on establishing your bushes or orchard.