Discover the World of Elderberry

The easy-to-grow plant packed with great health benefits

Elderberries are easy to get started, are a long-lived perennial that bears a crop within two to three years of initial planting, and are easily integrated into other land activities.

And they're healthy — noted for immunity boosting and reducing duration of colds and flu. Therefore, elderberries are a rising star in the super-fruit world of high anthocyanin fruits!

If you’re a farmer, landowner, or homesteader interested in harvesting a high-demand natural medicine, then the easy-to-grow elderberry should be at the top of your list!




  • Why Elderberry? 

    • Grows in poor and wet soil
    • Incredibly medicinal
    • Can sell the branches, flowers, leaves, and fruit
    • Great for pollinator habitat
    • Can even grow in shade

Learn about the numbers...

Potential Yield per Acre
Growing Zones Elderberries Thrive In
7-9 #
Of Berries per Gallon of Syrup

Elderberry Workshop Series -1

Join us for an exclusive 6-part series with elderberry experts who will walk you through how to grow, sell, and profit from this amazing plant.

You’ll learn:

  • The dozens of products that can be made from elderberry flowers, stems, leaves, and berries.
  • The simple setup to grow elderberries, including the “rain method” for planting.
  • The top varieties that cutting edge growers are investing in that give superior yields.
  • Why the US is investing 5.4 million into additional elderberry research.

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