Discover the World of Elderberry

The easy-to-grow plant packed with great health benefits

Elderberries are easy to get started, are a long-lived perennial that bears a crop within two to three years of initial planting, and are easily integrated into other land activities.

And they're healthy — noted for immunity boosting and reducing duration of colds and flu. Therefore, elderberries are a rising star in the super-fruit world of high anthocyanin fruits!

If you’re a farmer, landowner, or homesteader interested in harvesting a high-demand natural medicine, then the easy-to-grow elderberry should be at the top of your list!


  • Why Elderberry? 

    • Grows in poor and wet soil
    • Incredibly medicinal
    • Can sell the branches, flowers, leaves, and fruit
    • Great for pollinator habitat
    • Can even grow in shade
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Learn about the numbers...

potential yield per acre
growing zones elderberries thrive in
7-9 #
of berries Per gallon of syrup

Learn about the right varieties for your area and context


Elderberries are regionally adapted, some grow better in the heat, some in the cold, and some thrive in poor soil types!

Read about varieties here
American Elderberry

Elderberry Workshop Series -1

Join us for an exclusive 6-part series with elderberry experts who will walk you through how to grow, sell, and profit from this amazing plant.

You’ll learn:

  • The dozens of products that can be made from elderberry flowers, stems, leaves, and berries
  • The simple setup to grow elderberries, including the “rain method” for planting
  • The top varieties that cutting edge growers are investing in that give superior yields
  • Why the US is investing 5.4 million into additional elderberry research

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